In Vitro Testing and Clinical Testing Service

Sarani Bio-Integra Clinical Research Services help to ensure the safety and efficacy of your cosmetics and consumer healthcare products through laboratory in vitro testing and clinical testing in Bangalore

Clinical evaluation of personal care and healthcare products is critical in a fast moving industry. To meet the challenges of the marketplace, changing trends and ever changing consumer needs, high quality, effective evaluation of your products is essential. Ensuring the safety and efficacy of cosmetics and personal care products this provides a clear competitive advantage generating substantial product claims.

Our Clinical Research Services team can help you successfully navigate this challenging business climate, bringing our extensive experience and expertise in conducting clinical research through skin care product dermatology for cosmetics and consumer healthcare.

Sarani Biointegra Clinical Research Services delivers clinical studies for skin care, hair care and cosmetics from our facilities in Bangalore For over 2 years our Clinical Research Services group have been bringing quality and safety to life as a trusted partner for developers and manufacturers of cosmetics and low risk medicines and medical devices. Our team of in vitro scientists, clinical investigators, technical experts and project managers offer Total Quality Assurance expertise in generating robust data to support safety and efficacy and marketing claims.