Pharmaceutical Bio-pahrmaceutical services

Contract pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical services, supporting drug development and production.

Sarani Bio-Integra pharmaceutical brings quality and safety to life to support your unique pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical pharma trial requirements.

Our pharmaceutical scientists and regulatory experts work with you at every stage of development, providing consistently high quality and flexible services that enable you to achieve a marketplace advantage. Over the last 2 years, our network of scientists, doctors and regulatory experts have provided high quality technical services ensuring Total Quality Assurance for some of the world’s largest and most innovative pharmaceutical companies.

 Bioanalysis Services

During preclinical and clinical development, our bioanalysis experts design and manage strategic work programs. Our expertise and industry insight aim to supply the answers you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a world leading provider of cell biology services and biomarker expertise for bioanalytical studies, we provide excellence in service delivery and support for your preclinical and clinical development of therapeutics and other biologic medicines.

 Pharmaceutical Auditing

Our tie up with pharmaceutical auditing and management services give you a transparent view of your supply chain enabling you to identify and mitigate the intrinsic risk in your operations, supply chains and business processes. Through our shared audit programs, you can benefit from rapid implementation, easier access to audit sites and potential cost savings.

 Regulatory and Toxicology Consulting

From discovery to commercialisation, our pharmaceutical regulatory consultants provide a fast-track and cost-effective approach to allow you to gain market access for products and assurance that they comply with global regulations.

 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Support

Through our partner services , expert cleanroom services, equipment calibration and on-site inspections can help your manufacturing to meet efficiency, safety and compliance goals, while our eLearning modules equip your staff with the latest quality and compliance knowledge. In addition to establishing health-based exposure limits for active pharmaceutical ingredients, Sarani specialists are well-positioned to perform assessments and prepare reports that are compliant with the regulatory guidelines of the region and then for our regions beyond India by 2022. Problem solving analysis, supply chain surveillance for counterfeit medicines, counterfeit medicine analysis, expert witness and intellectual property support underpinned by unrivalled materials science experience, supports both manufacturing and post-production.

Bringing quality and safety to life, Sarani’s innovative pharmaceutical services are delivered consistently with precision, pace and passion, enabling you, our customer, to power ahead safely. By meeting your pharmaceutical outsourcing requirements precisely, our good network of laboratories and specialists offer a level of assurance, testing, inspection and certification support.