Consumer and Sensory test at Sarani Bio-Integra

Consumer and Sensory test at Sarani Bio-Integra

08 Dec 2020

Home and Personal Care

Ensuring the Product Marketability

Sarani Bio-Integra  offers a wide variety of approaches, methods and tools in sensory and consumer research. These are applied to many different product categories including, but not limited to, health-care, personal-care, cosmetics, perfumery and other related industries.

Our methods provide powerful results in almost all situations and categories where measurement and analysis of consumer perceptions is possible and where results are useful in achieving business objectives. Our outputs play a key role in supporting product development decisions which are directed at both immediate product success and long term competitive advantage.

This is achieved by a deep understanding of consumer usage, attitudes, responses to, and acceptance of, products and brands in a competitive context.

The aim is to deliver robust, validated results which inform activities such as product optimization, product positioning, product fit with brand, raw materials selection, quality control and many others.

Some of the clinical studies offered include:

  • Consumer Research Testing
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Descriptive method – Full & Rapid Profiling
  • Discrimination Testing