Dermatology - Trials Service

Dermatology trials for Pharma, cosmetics and consumer products supporting your efficacy, claim substantiation and safety testing, helping you to innovate to gain a marketplace advantage.

Sarani Bio-Integra uses its dermatology experience physicians and other staff to facilitate continual innovation to improve product testing in clinical development of dermaceuticals and cosmeceuticals .. Consumer safety and satisfaction are key to bringing new or improved products to market and these can only be established through, scientifically credible dermatology trials.

Sarani Bio-Integra dermatology experts conduct trials for cosmetics, beauty, personal care products and consumer devices. Working from a risk based approach; our dermatologists design unique protocols for your product and its intended use, generating cost-efficient and highly credible clinical trial data.

Our dermatology trials for cosmetics are focused on supporting your product development through evidence-based dermatological efficacy testing and claims substantiation studies. Our dermatology experts work to the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association guidelines including the Guidelines for the Evaluation of the Efficacy of Cosmetic Products, Guidelines on the Management of Undesirable Event Reports, Product Test Guidelines for the Assessment of Human Skin Compatibility and the Guidelines for the Safety Assessment of a Cosmetic Product.

We offer dermal safety studies to confirm the safety of your skincare products during and after development including normal in-use safety studies and exaggerated use conditions. Sarani Bio-Integra has a wealth of experience in safety evaluations including patch testing for primary irritation, cumulative irritation and sensitisation studies. We can also provide phototoxicity and photosensitisation screening to test for irritancy and/or allergy potential following exposures to UV light. We offer expertise in dermatological studies for anti-ageing cosmetic products.

We offer a range of measurement techniques including visual assessments conducted by trained assessors, instrumental measures and clinical image capture and analysis.

Our mission is to provide our trial participants with excellent professional care, and provide our sponsors with the highest quality research services. With Sarani Bio-Integra as your dermatology trial partner we can accelerate your product development through scientifically credible dermatology trials, delivered consistently with precision, pace and passion.