Clinical service Clinical Trials – The ultimate one all destination for product claims

Sarani Biointegra Private limited then coverts this concept into a clinical reality through its clinical affiliates which is already functional for pharma , consumer care products and food products.

Clinical research is the last link in proof of concept, a confirmatory trails and needs adequate knowledge of the process with the main founder of SBI and his associates well trained in Clinical trials in past in Major Pharmaceutical companies and Institutions this will be a seamless activity that will create value to the customers in all their product claims and ensure that their important asset move up the value chain and create true and lasting value to their product portfolio.

Clinical trials involve either early Phase 2 trials for pharma, consumer care and Food product which include proof of concept trials to more complex Phase 3 and Phase 4 or PMS ( Post marketing surveillance ) studies that actually determine the efficacy and extended safety of the products at large. Each of the products will be assessed based on the level of regulatory environment both for India and the globe and the company possesses ability other than routine trials at Bangalore in Indian population through certain critical tie ups in Goa region of India to foster services in multiracial clinical trials in India itself at a cost effective yet highly valued global GCP ( good clinical practise) trials that will allow companies from outside India also to think about us a an end destination testing center for all products