About Us

Sarani Bio-Integra Private limited is a Contract Research Organization involved in preclinical and clinical studies, providing the experience, knowledge, and skill required to take a pharmaceutical, nutrition or cosmetic product from the drawing board to marketing. This journey entails a plethora of activities that involve scientists, medical personnel, administrators, and a host of other technical and creative individuals. Sarani Bio-Integra Private limited is a unique combination of credentials and expertise required to bring a pharmaceutical or cosmetic product into the marketplace as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our Logo defined

The logo stands for a holistic approach towards testing of all Pharma , Consumer care and food products which is paramount in these days of consumer activism and proof of concept of products and therefore the aim of our company is emulated in its logo design where the road shows a forward looking smooth pathway and the sun shining depicts knowledge of light that helps fructify a tropical tree representing India.

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner in safety and efficacy of products, show the path, add light and knowledge power to the brands to bear true fruits and lead our customers to success and move up the value chain in their claims for our clients in the FMCG, Pharma and Nutrition world.

Our Mission

Sarani in Sanskrit mean ‘Path’. A path here denotes a way forward that goes through its ways and means to enrich the product lifecycle through true research and development .Sarani is with people, our valuable customers as a trusted friend in their journey, holding their hands and showing them the right way towards successful development of products.

Preclinical Importance of Preclinical Trials in Product value chain

Before a new drug or medical device can be tested on humans in clinical trials, it must be tested thoroughly in preclinical trials to make sure it is safe and effective. The preclinical period is the most arduous, the phase where many prospective products fail (often due to unrecognized pitfalls in the regulatory process), finding the right research organization is essential. Not only does a sponsoring organization need to enlist the services of a staff knowledgeable in cutting-edge science and technology, well-versed in the ins and outs of governmental and industry regulations and best practices, but find one with a proven track record and a reliably clear and concise communication style. Sarani Bio-Integra Private limited possesses these qualities; we assist you with preclinical research services that proceed to clinical trials in a timely manner.

Sarani Bio-Integra Private limited has the infrastructure, harmonized protocols, and advanced technologies to conduct pre-clinical trials, accelerate your time to screen the drug candidates and identify the potential ones with their molecular mechanism of action, thereby minimizing risks of late phase failure. It all begins with our end-to-end approach from using appropriate cell lines to study the end point pertaining to the biological action. Biomarkers specific to each biological condition would be used to study the mechanism of action, using high throughput in vitro assays and modern molecular biology tools and techniques. These in vitro assays would help in identifying the potential candidates to be explored further for formulation and clinical trials. Thus, Sarani Bio-Integra Private limited is committed to entire journey of early drug development.